Evaluation of Employees’ Awareness of Environmental Management Systems in Four and Five Star Hotels in Alexandria: A Study Applied to Front Office Department

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Hotel sector has embarked on a course of implementing environmental management practices or a much formal tool called environmental management systems (EMS), an innovation which has been profoundly promoted to offer additional benefits to hotels management, as well as the use of water and energy, which may have undesirable environmental effects if these processes are not properly managed and followed up. This research aims to raise awareness of environmental management systems (EMS) in front office department by assessing the employees' awareness of the environmental management systems, the extent to which the employees apply the sound environmental practices, This research is aim to, the population of the study hotels it must be made to increase the employee's awareness of environmental management systems and application of environmental practices like (waste reduction and energy conservation) and highlighting to importance of the environmental awareness of the employees in first class hotels (four and five stars hotels) in Alexandria. To achieve this objective, the researcher surveyed 150 employees in upscale hotels in Alexandria. Data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS 22).


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