The Effects of the Generations' Differences on Job Burnout in Sharm El-Sheikh Resorts: Managers' View

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The burnout become as a result of staff turnover, so that job burnout is identified as a major issue in the human resources management arena, for both employees and management, especially in the hospitality industry. It was evident that there is a relationship between burnout and generations differences. This study aims to measure the relationship between employees’ generations, job burnout and turnover from the perspective of resort hotel managers and supervisors. This study employed structured interview as the data collection instrument. The study chooses a convenience sample of 30 five and four star resort hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh to carry the research. The study showed that gen Y is mostly affected by job burnout compared to other generations. A major significant contribution of this study to the development of a model to study the importance of the job burnout reasons on staff in relation to the extent of the hotel's interest in fighting the causes of job burnout. This study would like to provide hotel managers a clear picture about the burnout levels among their employees in accordance to generational differences. They should pay attention to their causes, negative effects and try to find solutions to the problems they face. Wherever the solutions to minimize them as much as possible.


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