Early Wall Paintings for Jesus Christ Represented in the Red Monastery

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This research is entitled “Early Wall Paintings for Jesus Christ represented in the Red Monastery”. It dealt with the representations of Jesus Christ related to the early Byzantine period applied on the walls and apses of the Red Monastery especially its sanctuary. Marvelous wall paintings for Jesus Christ along his life stages were found in the monastery of St. Bishay which was known as the Red Monastery. This monastery is located near the Upper Egyptian city of Sohag, and about two and a half miles (3km) north-west of the White Monastery. The name of the monastery is derived from the color of its constructing material of its outside walls, which is Red in color (burnt) brick, resembling the ancient Egyptian temples in their outer shape. Among the scenes of Christ there; is his representation as a child suckling from his mother and also his representation in majesty sitting on his throne among angels and saints (Pantocrator). What is unique in the scenes; is its vivid colors.  Much more representations will be discussed in detail through this research.


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