Influence of the Internal and External Environment on the Sustainability of Business in Egypt’ TourismIndustry

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The competitiveness of a tourism business depends on the sustainability of its economic and environmental resources. Business sustainability of services-rendering organizations is one of the major concerns for those at managerial levels world-wide. Tourism businesses are becoming increasingly aware of internal and external environment. As a result, tourism development must be built into the sustainable business development and should be used throughout the tourism business lifecycle. The present study examines the (internal and external) environment which affecting the sustainability of  the business in tourism industry to determinate the most successful management strategy   .300 questionnaires were distributed to employees of travel agencies in Egypt . Eight hypotheses were formulated and tested using inferential statistics. The results show that business development strategies partially mediates the relationship between the internal and external environment   and sustainability of tourism business in Egypt’ tourism industry. The study results suggest a development of business values through business development programmers toward sustainable competitive advantage. It is recommended that sustainability of travel agencies operating in Egypt could be enhanced by communicating and managing business orientations through effective learning and development programmers. Tourism service companies will require creativity, and proactive capabilities in their operations and exploring both current and future business opportunities for sustained competitive advantage.


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