Practical Aspects of Hospitality Education in Alexandria: A SOWT Analysis Approach

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Education is considered one of the main requirements of human societies, which is why they developed educational establishments with different specializations. In this context, the study aims to identify the role played by the tourism educational establishments in Alexandria in the practical aspects i.e. practical sections/ sessions. This study aims to analyze the current state of practical aspects of hospitality education based on SWOT approach among the higher tourism and hospitality institutions in Alexandria, Egypt. Based on the SWOT approach, this study adopted descriptive and evaluative case study methodology to evaluate the practical aspects of hospitality education in Alexandria, Egypt. In sequence, many sources of data were used, including questionnaire form, semi-structure interview, and observation checklist to collect the required primary data. The results exposed that the stakeholders of educational establishments pay much attention to the practical aspects and training during the scholar year or even during the summer holiday. Also, they provide their student with enough news, maintenance, cleaning stations, and simulations for practical aspects and sessions. The study recommends that all tourism education establishments should gather and form a union to pay more attention to training and practical issues. Moreover, further studies should take into account all tourism education especially if they facilitate conducting such studies


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