Evaluating the Strategic Performance in Tourism and Hospitality Establishments in Egypt "Applied on Alexandria City"

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Strategic performance evaluation has become an important way for ensuring the proper function
of work in different establishments and organisations. It plays an important role in assessing the
financial, operational and competitive performances of the establishment's work environment.
Because of the importance of the tourism sector in Egypt and the vital role it plays in the
Egyptian economy and the entire development process, this study aims at identifying the extent
of evaluating the strategic performance in tourism and hospitality establishments in Egypt. The
study depended on primary data through addressing (11) questionnaire forms to managers of four
and five-star hotels in Alexandria, as well as (42) questionnaire forms to managers of travel
agencies "category A' in Alexandria; distributed from October to December, 2018 in order to
evaluate the strategic performance and identify how it is implemented in these important
establishments. The study also depended on secondary data represented in Arabic and English
books, periodicals, theses, dissertations and reports that are related to the subject of study. The
findings of the study have revealed that there is no optimum implementation of the strategic
performance evaluation in tourism and hospitality establishments in Egypt. The study
recommends establishing an administrative department for delivering reports to the general
manager regarding strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation as well as adopting regular
internal and external evaluations for ensuring the level of strategic performance.


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