The Use of Global Educational Platforms in Student Assessment: An Applied Approach on Students of Higher Hospitality Education at FTH, Alexandria University

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It has always been the highest aim to focus on students and their needs, in all levels of education,
giving them instant and true evaluation of their performance and helping them take corrective
actions whenever needed. Academics need to focus basically on teaching and not the paper work
involved. Students should feel that they are evaluated without bias, and kept informed along the
course. This paper is an applied approach of using a free online educational platform as an
example of a technological tool that can be implemented to help both students and academics .
The global educational networks are used to allow a complete control over the digital class,
where groups of students can be created easily. Students get to participate and share, while kept
informed, and evaluated. The study is giving some examples of educational platforms around the
world that can be useful for both academics and students. A field study is conducted, to collect
feedback from students about the whole experience of using one of these educational platforms,
advantages and disadvantages. The objective of this study is to explain the importance and the
possibilities created by using this global educational network, by demonstrating the steps
required to join a class, meanwhile giving a glimpse on how students felt about the whole
experience. Real courses are being given using similar educational platforms, and results of the
approach will be given according to the students’ interaction during an entire course .
The findings of this paper are very important as they represent the results of a true approach to
help hospitality academics provide instant and better student evaluation along the courses, while
allowing students to participate, be motivated to keep in touch with class activities at all times,
and compete to perform better throughout the course.


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