Evaluating Food Court Operation in Shopping Malls to Enhance Customer Satisfaction for Different Market Segments

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Food courts in shopping malls become a huge food operation market. Mall's visitors always seek
for good meal with reasonable price. Menus and services in food courts need more attention to
reaching for the customers' satisfaction. The overall objective of the study is to analyze the
different ways to enhance customer satisfaction for different market segments. The specific
objectives of the study are:
1. To identify the influence of prices on different customers ages.
2. To identify the problems of the services provided by the food court restaurants.
3. To identify different services such as E-ordering, ethnical food, and green food items.
There were 500 surveys are distributed in food court of different shopping mall in Egypt (Dandy
Mega Mall, Mall of Egypt, and Mall of Arabian). Questions revolved around age categories and
purpose of visiting the mall. Cross tabulation had been done between age categories and different
preferences in services. The results showed that, price was the most relevant factor for different
ages. There was a statistically significant correlation between dissatisfaction and problems in
food court such as places availability, food quality, and staff. The wireless services and software
application were not activated till now. Green and ethnical food items were begun to take place
in food courts. This study concluded that the relationship of food quality attributes and customer
satisfaction at food court restaurants


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