Conceptual Perspective of Relationship Marketing in Egypt’s Tourism Industry

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This article reflects the examination of relationship marketing in comparison to transaction
marketing utilizing a body of existing literature and the implementation of field surveys in the
tourist sector. The primary objectives were to construct a conceptual perspective that helps define
the relations between relationship marketing and consumer expectations and satisfaction.
Furthermore, this article examines the major impacts relationship marketing has on today’s ever
changing dynamics in the business of tourism. We aimed to provide and identify the elements of
relationship marketing variables such as loyalty, commitment, trust, communication, mutual
relations, joint values, and the quality of service, and the effects they have directly on their
customers. The methodology research applied in collecting this data was composed primarily
through a field survey of travel agencies and their customers who were willing to participate.
Although data collected from previous literature played an essential role in the development of
this framework, the field survey conducted was instrumental in the collection of data that
provided a perspective on how relationship marketing is currently practiced by some travel
agencies in Egypt, and how its outcomes positively impact the building of customer satisfaction,
loyalty, and retention.


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