The Collection of Carl Wilhelm Von Gerber Unknown Heritage

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Carl Wilhelm von Gerber (1883-1959), the late General Consul of Sweden in Alexandria, was the most famous Swedish diplomat in Alexandria in the Twentieth Century. He played a significant role during WWI and WWII besides his economic activities between the Scandinavian countries and Egypt. The Swedish institute Alexandria (SwedAlex), which occupies nowadays his mansion, was built in 1925. it owns an important collection of the belongings of C.W. von Gerber .This paper aims at making the documentation of the collection of the belongings through his rich biography that could be obtained from the archive of the institute and publishing this important collection for the first time. this will shed light on the unknown part of the heritage of Alexandria during that period and lead to show the possibilities of converting the collection's showcase in SwedAlex to a private museum to enrich the heritage tourism in Alexandria.


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