How local restaurants in Fayoum handle food rumors?

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Crisis response strategies have been considered a major factor in reputational threats during a crisis and it is necessary to explore restaurants’ reactions to food crises. There is a set of procedures followed by the managers of local restaurants to handle the crisis of food rumors. The purpose of this paper is to explore and identify the most important procedures and solution used by restaurant to deal with food rumors. To achieve the objectives of the research 30 questionnaires were distributed on local restaurant managers in fayoum city. The response rate was 85.7%. The findings show that there is a significant impact of the procedures and solutions used by local restaurants to deal with food rumors. The study recommended the importance of holding training courses for restaurant workers on a continuous basis in how to deal with crises and confront rumors in the framework of objectivity and credibility with the public, The necessity of following to restaurant rules by applying the rules related to work ethics and treating the negative behaviors of employees such as spreading information and dissemination of false rumors and the need to prepare for the prevention of crises based on early warning signals to form a crisis management team within the restaurant.


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