Service Quality and Guest Satisfaction in Egyptian Eco-lodge

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Eco-lodges are an increasingly popular accommodation form. This research aims to investigate the service quality perception of the Eco-tourists in Eco-lodge context by developing an adapted version of the SERVQUAL& SERPERF in general, traditional hotel and ecotourism scale named ECO-SERVQUAL. A self-administrated questionnaire was used to collect data from 202 Eco-guests in Eco-lodge on Fayoum and Dakhla Oasis. A random sample-sampling plan was used to collect samples. Regression Model and F tests were calculated to analyze data. The highest being assurance and the lowest Eco- activities and sustainable practices. Eco-lodge administrators should focus their efforts on specific areas of quality that had a greater influence in explaining the customer’s intent to behave and their satisfaction. Results indicate that ECO- SERVQUAL dimensions had a positive and significant impact on Eco-guest service quality perception and satisfaction.


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