The management Perception toward the concept and challenges facing the traditional food in the hotel sector: A research in Luxor city

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Traditional foods are an expression of culture, history, and lifestyle of the local people, traditional foods are also often related to local foods referring to the used of specific local ingredients in local production which highly involve the knowledge and expertise of local people. The aim of this research is to examine the factors affect on the spread of traditional food in the tourism areas at Luxor and identify the benefits and challenges of using traditional foods in Luxor hotels One hundred seventy questionnaires were distributed to food & beverage managers and supervisors in five-star hotels in Luxor, one hundred fifty were fully completed and returned with a response rate of 88.2%. The main findings indicated that the majority of respondent give the right definition of traditional food and the respondents indicated they serve to the guest traditional food like Koushary - Kebab Halla - Moulkhia - Rise Khalta - Tamia - Fool Medamis - Weka - Aish Shames - Sheesh Kebab - Besara - Thikhna – Fata The researcher suggests taking into consideration the important contribution of foods and beverages in the tourist activity, incorporation of some of the traditional food items is a good idea for the hospitality industry in Egypt.


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