The Unidentified Temple Scene in TT 55

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Numerous temple representations within Theban’s private tombs remain unidentified because of the absence of accompanying inscriptions and, at times, the partial or damaged nature of the scenes. This lack of identification presents challenges for reconstructing the biographies of tomb owners, thus hindering a comprehensive understanding of their lives. Identifying these temple representations is crucial for elucidating the relationship between the tomb owner and the depicted temple, potentially shedding light on the individual's societal roles and professional pursuits. One such enigmatic temple representation is in TT55 of Ramose, situated within the necropolis of Sheik Abd El-Qurnah and dating back to the reign of King Akhenaten. This paper aims to elucidate this scene through a rigorous investigation of an unidentified temple representation, aiming to determine its specific identity and discern the tomb owner's connection to it. To achieve this objective, I conducted a detailed analysis of the temple's iconographic features, meticulously translated all associated inscriptions, and compared the overall contextual framework of  the scene with analogous depictions from the contemporaneous Tell El-Amarna Necropolis. Through this methodological approach, this paper proposes a plausible identification of temple representation in TT55, thus providing insights into the rationale behind its inclusion in Ramose's tomb. 


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