How Organizational Merger affects Employees’ Engagement and Job Security in the Hotel Industry? A Pre-Post Analysis

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The Egyptian hotel industry has witnessed growth in merger activities lately. This study aimed to investigate the effect of the organizational merger on employees’ engagement and job security. The empirical analysis was based on data collected from employees working in four hotel chains that have been merged with Marriott International in Egypt. A total of 384 responses were analyzed by using the Eta-square test to measure the changes in mean scores pre and after the merger. The findings revealed a significant positive effect of merge on employees’ engagement. However, it had a negative effect on employees’ job security. This study could help hotel owners and their managers correctly understand the industry in an international context and to be conscious of their internal strengths and the positive core of the hotel. It also may help hotel managers develop strategies to keep their employees focused, productive, and feeling secure instead of stressed and frightened for survival. 


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