Alabanthis of the Arsinoite Nome in Greek Papyrilogical Documents

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In 2007, Uytterhoeven and Clarysse published a very short preliminary report on Alabanthis, apparently a rich village in the Graeco-Roman period, for the Trismegistos website in the section on the Fayum project.[1] A reconsideration of the papyrological references to the village has the potential to give more profound insights into the life of the village in Greek and Roman times. This article attempts to present a comprehensive study on the social, economic, and religious life of the village of Alabanthis based on Greek papyri uncovered from Graeco-Roman Egypt. The paper starts with a discussion of the location, name, and status of Alabanthis in the Graeco-Roman period. The social structure and the economy of the village will then be extensively considered to highlight the demographic composition of the inhabitants and their economic activities. The papyrological evidence for the religious life of the village will be the final element presented in the article

[1]For the article: (last access on 22/12/2019).


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