Events Tourism: A Potential to Build a Tourist Destination Branding: the Case of Cultural Events in Egypt

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Cultural events of different types are part of the attraction of a destination and have become an increasingly significant component of destination branding. Many destinations throughout the world have developed events portfolios as a strategic initiative to attract tourists and to reinforce their brand. This implies the need to evaluate the contribution of an event not just in terms of the direct financial contribution that it generates but also in terms of its consistency with the destination brand values. The study aims to analyze and interpret the expectations and the potential impact of cultural events on destination branding, highlighting the importance of achieving a good ‘nation brand’, which became a valuable asset for any tourist destination. The paper suggested that cultural events are the key tourism marketing tool and that they present an opportunity for destinations marketers to help position their destination amongst its competitors. A field survey based on qualitative approach was conducted through interviews with the industry key stakeholders, in addition to the observational descriptive research, investigating the interaction of both cultural events and destination branding attributes on tourists’ intention to visit the destination. The study introduces the contribution and the effects of selected examples of ‘cultural events’; El-Moez street festival and Abu Simbel Sun festival. These events were selected according to latest tourist online reviews, which are so identified with the spirit or ethos of the place or the destination, gaining widespread recognition, enhancing awareness, and thus having a potential to be particularly effective in promoting, regenerating and branding Egypt as a tourist destination.


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