Medical Tourism as a New Form of Niche Tourism in Egypt

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Medical Tourism is an occasion where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical treatment, dental or surgical care. It is a growing new niche market in developing countries, where they can expand tourism products and maximize revenues. Recently, Egypt has emerged as a new medical destination through the innovation ‘Tour n' Cure’, which motivates patients of Hepatitis ‘C’ to visit Egypt to receive affordable medical tourism packages. The study primary aim is to examine the contemporary growth of ‘medical tourism’, where medical treatment is deliberately associated with tourism. Moreover, the research explored international tourists’ perception of medical tourism in Egypt. A questionnaire survey was conducted among a random sample drawn from tourists who used medical services in Egypt. The findings indicated that most of the tourists who visited Egypt for medical purpose were from Arab and Muslim countries, where they receive high quality medical services at international standards medical facilities at affordable prices, while staying in a first class accommodation and enjoying Egypt tourists’ attractions.


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