Toward Applying Virtual Reality Technique as a Promotional Tool in Tourism and Hospitality Services in Egypt

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The current study aimed at activating the Virtual reality technique at tourism and hospitality industry in Egypt. Virtual reality application is one of the recent trends at tourism field in many countries. For example, the United Arab Emirates in November 2016 used virtual reality technique in marketing the tourism and hospitality services across the world. Also, the current study aimed at adopting the technique of virtual reality and its role in the activating international tourism movement. The study used the analytical perspective method. The questionnaire was used as the study tool to be applied on   the study sample which consisted of the managers of tourism and hospitality services marketing at the hotels sectors, travels agents in Luxor and a random sample of tourists in Luxor. The study showed the absence of complete understanding and awareness, of virtual reality concept and its application at tourism and hospitality industry for managers of hotels and touristic companies, besides to the confusion between the concepts of virtual reality and e-marketing. Additionally, there is no a weakness and shortage of the provision and availability of virtual reality environment component and its tools in case of touristic collapse and the limited use of virtual  reality due to its high cost. The study set a number of recommendations, most important of which is activating the cooperation at the field of hospitality and tourism represented by the Ministry of Tourism besides other ministries and authorities, e.g. Ministries of Communication, environment, and investment.



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