Evaluating Food and Beverage Courses in Higher Private Tourism and Hotels Institutes in Alexandria: Professionals’ Perception

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The evaluation of Food and beverage courses is an important in the hospitality education since almost every hospitality program offers at least one course in food and beverage management that provides a kitchen and dining room type environment. Thus this study aimed to assess the perception of professionals’ on the food and beverage courses relating issues in higher private tourism and hotels institutes in Alexandria, Egypt. A purposive sample of 50 F& B professionals (25 from Kitchen and 25 from food service) were interviewed using structured interview. Data obtained were analyzed qualitatively using thematic approach. The findings exposed that there is a variation among the professionals with regard to their level of professionalism and academic qualifications. While some of them have the required skills and professionalism which are enough and meet the requirements, other believed that there is more need for teaching staff to be trained and developed.  


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