Effectiveness of EHRM on the Organizations’ Performance Applied to Egyptian Tourism Authority

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This Paper aims to investigate the effectiveness of Electronic human resources management on the employees’ performance at Egyptian tourism Authority in Cairo through measuring electronic infrastructure availability suitable for human resources and also measuring the level of Human resource systems Quality. To achieve that we have depended on the t analytical descriptive approach which include data collection through questionnaires have been distributed on a sample of employees at Egyptian tourism Authority in Cairo. It have been analyzed by SPSS program. The results have showed that the electronic infrastructure are moderate, as well as the quality of human resources systems are low.
the study recommends importance of developing the infrastructure of devices and networks which necessary for the implementation of electronic management of human resources in the tourism sector and work on creating an electronic archive that documents all the files of the Department of Human Resources which called electronic archiving, and the need to increase the use of electronic models to manage the employees to benefit from its benefits.


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