Evaluating Challenges Facing Global Quick Service Restaurants and Proposed Solutions

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The global Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) adapted strategy of "think globally or plan globally and act locally" to accomplish a unique brand name globally. This strategy means to follow the global standards in product (features, quality, quantity, flavor and packaging), design, equipment; service etc. worldwide. Applying this strategy, global QSRs face some economic challenges in achieving standardized products to maintain its brand name in Arab market (Egypt). This study is focusing on evaluating challenges facing the global QSRs and proposed solutions to lure Foreign Capital Investment (FCI) in Egypt especially in the global business (QSRs).
Qualitative research approach adopted in this research because of the globalization phenomenon (Yin, 2009). Research used case study the global QSRs semi-structured interviews with global QSRs managers and experts and printed documents are used. The sampling frame of the global QSRs are McDonald's, KFC, Hardee's and Burger King in Cairo.
Findings that there are some challenges faced the global QSRs in the Arab market (Egypt). These challenges are sourcing raw materials, currency exchange rate, global economic crises, inflation and global food crises. There are some proposed solutions, which are localization strategy, hedging strategy, launching economic meals and sandwich, company share inflation with suppliers and change source of food.


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