DeduSebek Dedicated Hymns to Hathor

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This paper is concerned to study the statue of DeduSebek and the Hymn that came on it to the goddess Hathor created by "Dedusobek". He was an high official from non-royal blood. This Hymn was inscribed in his statue, which is now in the Cairo Egyptian Museum CG 887. This paper aims in investigating the Hymn to the goddess Hathor and descriptive the statue of Dedusebek which date back to the second half of the thirteenth Dynasty, The statue was dedicated to the temple of Montohotep II"Neb-hept-Re" (±2043-1992) to put in his temple on the western bank of Thebes. This paper employs a descriptive and analytical methodology, It should be Noted that this statue and the hymn that came on it had been published by Borchardtin 1930 but it is not a completed publishing and therefore the Researcher will re-publish the statue and hymn that came on it , with giving comment on the hymn.
Through studying the statue and the hymn, it was found that the text of Dedu Sebek statue considered as a unique text as the Egyptian writer had written it in a retrograde and this style of writing is called Enigmatic writing.


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