Factors Affecting Employees’ Productivity in Food and Beverage Department in Mercure Hotels Chain in Egypt

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The major aim of this research is to find the productivity in the food and beverage department in Mercure chain hotels   in   Egypt using the linear programming technique, stochastic frontier analysis (SFA) by   using panel data for ten years results from year (2007) – (2016) from case study hotels. This study uses a parametric approach to measure the productivity especially in the last years. However, productivity management is a big challenge to organizations especially when the product is in the form of a service. This study aims at measure the food and beverage productivity. Design/ methodology/ approach. 1-The first phase empirical data was collected via a structured questionnaire from line staff and managers of Mercure hotels in Egypt 2-The second phase data was collected from the annual profit and loss statement of the above-mentioned hotels. Findings: this research accepted 2 factors which were (x1=external factors and x4 =management related factors and their hypothesis were then accepted, however the others factors were refuted in this empirical data which might let the door open to further research to find out why this factor were not significant; Research limitations/implications – Based on the research findings and their discussions, this study provides recommendations for future research in this area to examine the non-significant factors in anther hotels and in anther departments.


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