Representations of Pomegranate in Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom

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Pomegranate was an exotic tree imported from Asia in the New Kingdom. During this period pomegranate became among other trees decorated several Egyptian gardens in the palaces and houses of king, queens and the elite. These gardens were an integral part of Egyptian houses, tombs and temples. Scenes displaying kings and high officials while they were offering pomegranate. Therefore, the ancient Egyptian used its fruits as a food, juice, and wine. In the absence of any detailed study, the main objective of the paper is to introduce a comprehensive study as possible of pomegranate during the new Kingdom. Literature sources mentioned Pomegranate more than once in love songs and comparing pomegranate fruit with some features of women as an indication of beauty and considered it as a treatment substance for some illnesses, besides it became among funeral offerings presented to gods/goddess. Pomegranate also, inspired the Egyptian artisans to formulate shape-like vases and pendants made from different materials, and decorated themes adorned some tombs' wall.   


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