The Impact of Property Management System Practical Training on Graduates’ Skills Development: An Analytical study on Faculties of Tourism and Hotels in Egypt

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This study aimed to evaluate the effect of front office practical training on graduates’ skills development. The research objectives are to examine the effect of instructor competency, training environment and training content on graduates’ skills development.
The current study adopted the quantitative method using the questionnaire as a tool for data collection to test the research hypotheses and achieve its aim and objectives. The questionnaire form was distributed to 389 undergraduate from the targeted five governmental faculties, and 168 forms were included in this study.
It is revealed that the independent variable (training content) have significant positive effect on the dependent variable (developing graduates’ skills), meanwhile the training content has the greatest effect on graduates’ skills development, while the other two independent variable (instructor competency and training environment) were found insignificantly effecting the graduates’ skills development.
There is a shortage of studies that evaluated the relationship between the training usages of specific IT software (e.g. front office modules) and the universities graduates’ specifications ( Law & Jogaratnam, 2005; Nthebe, 2016 ). This study consider from the few studies deep search with the PMS training in faculties of tourism and hotels in Egypt.
The researcher recommends continue developing the training on (IT) skills to enhance the specifications of graduates from the faculty of tourism and hotels in Egypt to be easily able to join the labor market.


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