A Study on the Policies Concerning the Management of Employment Leak Age in Three Star Hotels in the Greater Cairo Region

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Employee leakage is achieving basic levels for some Hotels chain, which battle to keep up legitimate staffing levels in a tight labour market (WeiBo et al. 2010). Leakage has been a measure of performance in hotels that is costs lots of money related to financial and operational effectiveness. Organizational stability is known to have a high level of relationship with low leakage. Signs are that employees will probably stay when there is an anticipated and stable workplace (Zuber, 2001).
The current study conducted through cross-sectional design to gather primary data in order to determine causes for the high employee leakage in three-star hotels. Data were collected from the professional, supervisory, and managerial staff in these hotels in greater Cairo. Using regression analysis, it was determined that the individual leakage causes and satisfaction was a statistically significant variable when analyzing leakage causes in the current study. Over 25% of the variation in leakage causes was explained by the components of the survey. This research is important to industry professionals as well as academics to help estimate and decrease staffs’ leakage in various sectors of the hospitality industry.
Based on the results obtained, the study showed a set of recommendations such as implementing a career development plan and acknowledging the talents and abilities gained by the hotel workers. Human resource management should offer support to employees and a stable and healthy work environment. One-on-one conferences should be scheduled between workers and their managers.


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