Adoption of Cloud Human Resource Information System in Egyptian Hotels: An Experimental Design Research

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The main purpose of this research is to examine whether the hotel staff impressions hold towards cloud Human Resource Information System (HRIS) importance and adoption are varied according to the hotel category. An experimental 2x2 full factorial design was performed with data collected from 80 hotel employees. Participants were purposively selected through the online web pages of LinkedIn and Facebook.
Findings of this experiment showed an overall lack of cloud HRIS adoption in the 3-star hotels than 5-star hotels in Egypt and most of cloud HRIS activities are still used in a very limited extent. In addition, the perception of the degree of importance varies significantly between the hotel types. The main implication of this study within the Egyptian hotel sector is that to be more innovative and competitive, the  hotel corporations will need to invest significantly in smart innovation within their HR departments to benefit from the strategic and operational advantages of cloud HRIS. This study is considered one of the few studies that operationalised the concept of cloud HRIS in the Egyptian hotel industry; it highlighted  the cloud HRIS key affecting factors based on the Technology Organization  Environment (TOE) model and HR activities in hotel.


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