The Influence of the 4Ps on Passengers' Purchasing Decision-Making: the Case of LCCs

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The liberalization of air transport industry in the USA by 1978 and then in the early 1990s in the Eu, that was resulted in having the LCCs, has led to significant changes in the global air transport sector .The success of LCCs, and their acquisition of a large market share in the air transport sector are due to the fact that such firms rely mostly on providing the air transport services with a competitive price for passengers.The study pursues to highlight on the experience of LCCs, and the extent of their success in the aviation market. A questionnaire was used to conduct this research. A sample of 292 air passengers participated in this study. The findings indicated that there is a significant relationship between the 4Ps of marketing, namely price, promotion and place, and passengers' purchasing decision-making. Additionally, the results also revealed that price is generally the most important element of the marketing mix affecting the passengers' purchasing decision-making when travelling on board of the LCCs.


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