Measuring Airline Service Quality Using AIRQUAL Model: A Study Applied to Egyptair

Document Type : Original Article



This paper aims to address how passengers’ satisfaction can be measured in relative to quality services provided by airlines using AIRQUAL methodology. AIRQUAL five dimensions (airline tangibles, Terminal tangibles, personnel, empathy, and image) among the airlines passengers & find out the areas where the company needs to improve to service quality of the airlines. To achieve this, a well-structured questionnaire was designed in line with AIRQUAL dimension scale to capture the airline opinion of the passengers about the service rendered to them, their opinion on whether the quality of service has any effect on the image of the airline and finally if the nature of the airline image has any effect on reiterate care.
This research has adopted the items from the previous literature to assess effect of airline service quality on passengers' satisfaction in Egypt Air. Survey method was employed using primary data obtained through the use of questionnaires. 300 questionnaires were administered by the researcher through convenience sampling to air passengers using Egypt Air. The questionnaires were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Reliability analysis with the support of SPSS18.0.
The findings of this research will help Egypt Air to redefine their marketing strategy to one that is passengers-focused and emphasizes on airline service quality. The research thus recommended that airline managers should improve on the quality of service rendered to passengers since it is one of the determinants of the airline image and the airline image also determines the passengers’ choice of repeat patronage.