The Ceremonial Posts of Wsir King in the Afterlife

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The concept of nTrw has many assumptions, which had been used in the ancient Egyptian religion and literature, as gods, good spirits, evil spirits, snakes, king’s helpers, king’s enemies and other various meanings. The first conception is talking about the nTrw  as Gods in positive and negative roles in general meaningwhich the word nTrw had been mentioned through in various texts, some of these texts are: n nTrw ir nn pn , there is nothing which the Gods did against this king, (PT:1464b)[1]. This spell is considered as unhelpful appearance, because it refers to Seth and his followers “demons”, however there is another example to helpful spells appearance as: Dd mdw  hA wsir  nn .in n.k Gb @rw  inD.f  Tw in.f  n.k ibw , he may save you, he brings to you the hearts of the  gods.(PT:634b)[2]. The second conception is talking about the nTrw as nouns and Gods themselves, adjectives and also gathered with some of the king’s names to give the sacristy impact.


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