Internal Perspective towards Hotel’ Reputation and Competitive Advantage: Vertical Job Classification

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The general goal of this study is to determine the influence of hotel reputation on competitive advantage) as perceived by employees. It also aimed to identify is employees’ job class make a difference in their perception of hotel reputation and competitive advantage. Data were collected from eleven chain hotels located in Sharm El-Sheikh city in Egypt. This study based on survey methodology. A total of 366 surveys were collected and analyzed. PLS-SEM was applied using SmartPLS 3. The findings revealed that hotel reputation positively affects hotel competitive advantage. Findings also reported a moderate level of employees’ perception toward hotel reputation and competitive advantage. A significant difference in employees’ ratings toward the studied variables with regard to their job class was also reported. This study explored a gap exists in the hotel job hierarchy. A new link between internal and external customers of organizations could be established. 


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