Uncommon Scene of Elephant in the Tomb of Petosiris at Tuna El Gebel

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Depictions of animals dominate the daily life scenes depiction in ancient Egypt that reflecting the important role they have played in the people's lives. Among those animals is elephant. The aim of this study is to highlight the depiction of uncommon scene of elephant in the tomb of Petosiris at Tuna el-Gebel in Minia through displaying the few different representations of elephant during the ancient Egyptian time and the Graeco- Roman Period. Additionally, comparing between the elephant representations during those different periods and analyzing the contexts of the scenes. This study is depending on a descriptive and analytical methodology to achieve its aims. Result of this study reveals the rarity of elephant presentation from the ancient Egyptian time till the end of the Roman period. It also proof with that the represented elephant in the Petosiris tomb is from Asiatic type.


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